Tauri-Gum Might Help You Manage Your Health

Innovative and effective CBD oil products from 123CBDGUM

CBD oil is a naturally-occurring compound cultivated from the industrial hemp plant, and it’s become increasingly recognized as a helpful tool for living your best and healthiest life, especially as you age.

Unlike marijuana, CBD oil won’t make you feel high or change your state of mind. Instead, CBD oil assists your body with naturally overcoming health challenges, and may be able to help you find relief from common aches, pains, and ailments.

With Tauri-Gum we’re dedicated to providing consumers with better options—and you’ll find it with cannabidiol (CBD) oil.

Our CBD Gums Are Now 25 Milligrams

We’re proud to be at the forefront of innovation when it comes to CBD oil. Our unique products are specially designed to deliver CBD efficiently, with delivery methods that work more rapidly than most oral CBD oil supplements.